ANeT_Plan_100x100Not sure if you have the right coverage of your internal operations? Do you have to make hard excel spreadsheets for shift planning? Do you need to flexibly adjust the planning of persons in response to ever-changing conditions? Do you always have to check that you’ve planned, for all centers, the right amount of persons for a shift?

Benefits of ANeT-Plan system:

  • Simplifies, streamlines and completely digitizes planning of human resources
  • Integrated into ANeT-WebTime attendance system
  • Compact shift planning with regard to required amount of shift workers according to the relevant expertise or category
  • Possibility to import or export the required occupancy for individual shifts
  • Easily copy shifts from the past to the future
  • Check compliance with the Labour Code
  • Gain comprehensive covers of the human resources planning agenda
  • Ensure optimal operation with regard to planned vacations, unavaibalablity, etc.
  • Monitoring of planned and real personnel costs in individual parts of your company
  • Paperless – significantly reduces paper consumption in your company
  • Reduces personnel costs
  • Flexible adjustment of employees’ working time to new economic compliances
  • Allows automatic planning according to your company’s strategy

If you are more interested in planning system ANeT-Plan, please contact our sales department by e-mail or phone number +420 513 035 537.