ANeT_Plan_100x100Product line of planning system ANeT-Plan allows you to plan the shifts manually or automatically (using product ANeT-PlanPlus-Auto) with regard to the occupancy of individual positions (eg. according to relevant expertise) per shift. After completing, the shift plan can be sent to individual employees for a check. To prevent violations of the legislation, all your planning activities are being checked for violations of the Labor Code. ANeT-PlanPlus is the main product of product line ANeT-Plan and is fully integrated into the ANeT-WebTime attendance application.


Description of ANeT-PlanPlus

Monthly plan

The most important part of this application. It is a window, where you can plan shifts, readinesses, absence, or unavailability for all persons in your centre at one place. Further, you can check the fulfillment of the working time fund, compliance with the Labor Code and now also check the state of individual employees‘ familiarity with the shift plan, or record and manage their requests for a change in the shift plan. It is also possible to check the real passes of your employees. Basic user – the planner – works in this window. Every employee has reserved up to 6 rows, so the planner may plan a shift, absence, readiness and unavailability at one moment. There are also 2 more rows – blocks and reality. You can easily switch between monthly, weekly, three day or daily view. Also, there are shown all important information from attendance system, such as fund, balance, rest of vacation, etc. These calculations are automatically synchronized with planned shifts.


Mask of shifts

There is daily mask displayed in the window. Shifts of daily mask and planned shifts are always synchronized, so every occupancied shift of daily mask equals to a planned shift. Every shift of daily mask is assigned to the category, has set up the start time, end time and also the status – occupancied or unoccupancied. Assigned masks have a green color and name of the employee who covers this shift is shown too.


Automatic planning

Thanks to automatic planning, the program allows complex planning of shifts, absence, readinesses and unavailability in the centre. Primary task of automatic planning is to assign all shifts from the daily mask to employees in way so the conditions set in the strategy of planning are met. The automat also takes into account planned unavailability. Using the fix function you can fixate the shifts, which shouldn’t be changed. You can run the automat repeatedly, check his results and set the defined strategies and planned period to which the automatic planning will be applied. You can define the strategy, in other words conditions for planning, very broadly and set up the priorities fow how the automat should take into account the individual conditions.


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