Access Control system ANeT-Guard enables reliable monitoring, registering and controlling of passage of persons through the sensors-terminals and access mechanisms (tourniquet, barrier gate). With the help of this system you protect tangible and intangible assets of the enterprise, gain awareness of movement of your employees throughout the area and control access to classified corporate information.



Application ANeT-Guard 12 contains system of interactive maps enabling active work of user directly on graphic map background. User can create map hierarchy, insert and place graphic elements representing connected hardware components (e.g. ANeT-APAS units, UNI terminals, cameras etc.) and insert user graphic elements (e.g. legends, info icons etc.). User can as well perform direct editing of map authorization, display alarms atc.


Access models

User can define unlimited number of access models (permission or ban of access depending on time and place) with accuracy to one minute for groups or individuals. User can also assign access models to persons and sensors or define access roles (connection among terminals, zones and access model).



Like all persons can be assigned to centers, user can perform the same with facilities and group them into so called zones. These zones can save a lot of work during administration (e.g. user can assign access privileges to chosen persons for whole group of facilities in one zone). In practice it is convenient to create zones to be matched with their physical location (e.g. storehouse, workshop, weldroom etc.). User can also work directly with zones (i.e. entry to zone, exit from zone and suchlike).


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