We develop, produce and sell identification systems ANeT.

ANeT systems cover needs of enterprises of all sizes and offer solutions for various areas of business. They are specialized for efficient human resources management. ANeT systems are used by enterprises operating in the spheres of industry, hypermarkets and department stores, services, health care and state administration.

ANeT_Time_100x100 Time Attendance system ANeT-Time. It helps you with keeping records of time worked, complying with Labour Code and complex data preparation for wages calculation
ANeT_Guard_100x100 Access Control system ANeT-Guard. You will gain control over movement of persons in monitored spaces and prevent entry of unauthorized individuals.
ANeT_Plan_100x100 Human Resource Planning system ANeT-Plan. It facilitates human resource planning according to changing needs of your organisation.
ANeT_Menu_100x100 Catering system ANeT-Menu. It enables you to order, sell and serve meals and complementory products in a modern and fast way.

If you are more interested in ANeT systems, please contact our sales department by e-mail obchod@anet.eu or phone number +420 513 035 537.