ANeT_Plan_100x100ANeT-Plan system has modular conception. According to individual needs of your organisation you can work either directly with typical monthly plans, or annual plan as a frame and then derive operative (monthly) plans from monthly ones. You can work manually or with the help of automatic scheduling. For more information see catalogue sheet.

Monthly plan

It is the most important part of the entire application. In this window you can plan shifts, emergencies and absences for all employees in the center and also control filling the fund of working hours and compliance with Labour Code. At the same time you can monitor real passages from ANeT-Time application. In this window operates common user (i.e. planner). Each employee has up to four lines assigned, so he can simultaneously plan shift, absence, emergency and annual plan. You can easily switch between monthly and weekly views or between simple view and view with lots of detailed information. On top of that you can whenever use all important information from the attendance system (fund, balance, vacation balance and suchlike.


Automatic scheduling

Automatic scheduling application enables complex planning of shifts, absences and emergencies within the center. The main goal of this application is to assign all shifts from daily mask to employees, so that the conditions set up in planning strategy are abided. The automatic scheduling can be repeatedly activated; you can look through its results and set up defined strategies and scheduling periods to be applied with the automatic scheduling. Strategies, i.e. planning conditions, can be widely defined and prioritized, so that the automatic scheduling takes particular conditions into account.


Shift pattern

In the window is displayed so called daily pattern. The application always maintains shift synchronization of daily pattern and planned shifts, i.e. each assigned shift of daily pattern corresponds with one planned shift. Each shift of daily pattern is matched with appropriate cost center and category, has set start and end times and has current status (assigned, vacant). If a planned day is matched with general pattern, with the help of its shift you can put it into daily pattern and synchronize it with those currently planned.


Shift assignment

The window contains plan charts and actual charts, which represent number of employees on the shift during the day in particular category. Charts are gathered under cost centers and categories. The chart is generated from shifts with assigned employee (assigned shift) of daily pattern during every change. The rule shows time period from midnight to eight o’clock of the following day. Numbers on the right side show total count of employees on the shift.