We offer access control system components for indoor and outdoor use. The hardware portfolio of the ANeT access control system consists of the UNI-CONTROL-3 control unit, the ANeT-APAS3 control unit, the native PASO reader and other components (e.g. door status sensor, exit button, etc.).


PASO reader

PASO is a dual contactless card reader; it is a new component within the ANeT portfolio. Thanks to two built-in reading circuits, it can read RFID media with an operating frequency of 125 kHz (LF) and 13.56 MHz (HF).

The reader is available in two variants, PASO-A and PASO-B. The PASO-A variant is equipped with a circuit for reading common tags of the EM4x02 standard and a new, modern reading circuit for Mifare cards (with support for sector reading). The PASO-B reader is equipped with a universal reading module compatible with more than 60 internationally established RFID technologies.

  • New modern reading module
  • It reads media with a frequency of 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz.
  • Possibility to enable reading of several different types of RFID media on both frequencies simultaneously.
  • Ability to select, trim and format read UIDs for easy replacement of readers from other manufacturers.
  • Anti-tamper sensor
  • Monitoring circuits to monitor current temperature and power supply voltage
  • Synchronization output for pairing nearby PASO readers
  • Can be up to 2 km away from the UNI-CONTROL-3 controller
  • A wide range of service and diagnostic equipment is available, including r
  • A wide range of service and diagnostic tools are available, including the ability to remotely upgrade FW
  • Compact design with easy mounting on the wall or in standard under-wall wiring boxes
  • Available in indoor and outdoor versions
  • Please refer to the datasheet for more information.










ANeT-APAS3 control unit

  • Used to operate two fully equipped doors
  • Can control up to 4 readers
  • Integration of third-party readers possible thanks to the OEX expansion module
  • Support for Wiegand and OSDP protocol
  • Off-line mode – can store up to 50,000 events in internal memory
  • Optical indication of operating states
  • Locally connectable to the control unit via RS-485 bus up to a distance of 2000m
  • Can be connected directly to a LAN (ANeT-APAS-LAN version)
  • Metal ceiling box or plastic DIN rail housing with detection switch
  • Please refer to the datasheet for further information.





Control unit UNI-CONTROL-3

  • Controls up to 32 devices
  • Power supply via PoE+
  • Connected to the ANeT platform via LAN module
  • Off-line mode – can store up to 100,000 events in internal memory
  • Robust design for safe and easy installation
  • Lockable metal enclosure or DIN rail module with intrusion detection switch
  • For more information, please refer to the datasheet.




Wireless on-line system APERIO

  • Easy integration of the APERIO standard into the ANeT-Guard access control system
  • Possibility to connect up to 32 devices per communication HUB
  • No cabling to locks and readers required
  • Easy installation
  • Easy expandability
  • Simple operation and maintenance