New RFID media reader

Introducing our new RFID reader PASO.

PASO is a dual contactless card reader; it is a new component within ANeT’s portfolio. Thanks to two built-in reading circuits, it can read RFID media with an operating frequency of 125 kHz (LF) and 13.56 MHz (HF).

The reader is available in two variants, PASO-A and PASO-B. The PASO-A variant is equipped with a circuit for reading common tags of the EM4x02 standard and a new, modern reading circuit for Mifare cards (with sector reading support). The PASO-B reader is equipped with a universal reading module compatible with more than 60 internationally established RFID technologies.

Both variants allow you to parameterize and select the RFID media you wish to use in your company. The PASO reader integrates into the ANeT-UNI operating platform by connecting to the robust UniBUS.

The reader is equipped with an anti-tamper sensor, surveillance circuits monitoring the current temperature and power supply voltage, and optical and audible indication elements.

The design is intended for mounting on standard wiring boxes or for direct wall mounting.

The reader is also available in an increased enclosure design that allows outdoor mounting.

The reader is designed to be powered from a small safe voltage source.

The new PASO reader fully replaces the UNI-Reader T2 and T3 with the option of wall or junction box mounting.

For more information, please refer to the datasheet.