ANeT supports guide dogs training for blind and purblind

Over past several years ANeT supports financially functioning of Guide Dogs Training School in Brno. This organization specializes in dog training for blind and purblind. After completion of specialized training the guide dog is put under administration of citizens association VODÍCÍ PES, O.S. Here the dogs serve in active duty and help the blind integrate into everyday life. Guide dogs represent their opportunity to assert their self-reliance and independence of surroundings.


Currently, ANeT contributes financially to training of Labrador Retriever puppy. His name is Gandalf and for now he is in pre-training within volunteer raisers who teach him basic commands. Apart from that, Gandalf regularly visits the Guide Dogs Training School where the training is already purpose-oriented for needs of the blind. The training takes from six to eight months and depends on learning abilities of particular dog. So far, Gandalf is a playful puppy, but soon starts to help those who need it most.


He recently changed the owner and is currently getting used to his new family. Towards the end of November he starts to regularly visit the school for guide dogs, where he will learn to perform commands and practically lead and navigate a blind or visually impaired person in diverse environments. Take a quick look on the newest pictures of our Gandalf.