ANeT customers conference 2009

A regular rendezvous of ANeT customers took place in Červený Újezd in the 13th to 15th of October 2009. During the meeting organized in a replica of medieval castle’s premises important news in product portfolio of ANeT firm were introduced, both in hardware development – especially time attendance terminal equipped with fingerprint identification or mobile touch screen terminal – and software development area – e.g. a feature of account for flexible utilization of working time (in the way compatible with current Czech labour law) etc.


Regardless the weather was quite bad the rendezvous was successful judging by feedbacks of customers who had appreciated mix of information and entertainment like swordmen show, medieval dance show followed by lectures for all participants, fakir and flame “spitter” etc. We would like to thank to all participants for their sympathy and a comfortable surrounding they had created.


Certainly, we are looking forward to meet all of our customers in next rendezvous we are going to hold in 2010, again at some attractive place providing them with both interesting news and pleasant entertainment.

Hrad Cervený Újezd