Direct remote support

Do you need quick help while working with ANeT systems? With the help of the tool TeamViewer, a representative of customer support can connect to your desktop, control your mouse and keyboard and help you with solving your problem quickly and effectively.




Remote support


Basic information, security of the service and other details

  • for basic information about remote support service please see TeamViewer page
  • for answering your questions about security of remote support service please see Security of TeamViewer page
  • if you have any questions, please try to look them up in the section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) first
  • if you want to see an illustrative process of connecting when using the remote support service, please see detailed manual with step-by-step instructions


How does it work?

  • While being on the phone with a representative of our customer support, you will be directed on this webpage and given an unique access code. You will fill this code in the form (shown above) and click „Continue“ button. This way you will initiate the session of remote support.
  • Afterwards you will be asked to load small plugin.
  • With your permission, the representative of our customer support can watch your screen and share control over your mouse and keyboard.
  • You have full control over your computer every step of the entire process. You can take over control of your mouse or keyboard and disconnect the session at any time.