ANeT_Time_100x100Employee registers his arrival, departure or other event on attendance terminal. ANeT-Time system calculates working hours, executes required calculations, checks compliance with Labour Code and after confirmation of working sheet automatically prepares entry data for wage system.

Time Attendance system ANeT-Time has modular conception and specific modules are designed to be used individually or in required combination. From prepared module configurations you easily choose which one is the best fit and you don’t pay for something you don’t actually need. And in case your requirements increase over time, you easily buy an additional module.

According to requirements and size of the enterprise you can choose among variations BASIC, STANDARD or ENTERPRISE and complete the system with additional optional programs:


  • designed for small and medium enterprises
  • easy implementation
  • network version
  • unextendable with additional modules
  • regular functions of attendance


  • designed for medium enterprises
  • all functions of BASIC version
  • collective changes of centers and working time models
  • collective processing of working sheets
  • shift and absence planning per center
  • monitoring workers‘ attendance per center
  • advanced features
  • reports and statistics
  • extendable with additional modules


  • designed for medium and large enterprises
  • all functions of STANDARD version
  • all current additional modules
  • weekly schedules
  • business trips
  • cost centers – cost allocation
  • emergencies
  • balancing periods
  • statistics of daily and monthly expenses sheets
  • meal tickets


WebTime application is thin client of attendance system and is designed for persons responsible for workers‘ attendance – optimal for executives‘ management. Web client brings simplification in employees‘ access to attendance data.

  • web access
  • internet/intranet applications of attendance system
  • all regular functions of attendance system
  • optimal for managers and foremen
  • does not include administration functions
  • requires product AneT-Time for proper functionality

ANeT-View Time

ANeT-ViewTime is designed for launching at information kiosks. Each employee can take a look and check his working sheet. Application enables displaying of working sheets for previous periods.

  • information kiosk of attendance system
  • preview of working sheets for individual periods
  • informative character only (without possibility of editing)
  • when using at information kiosk login to application performed by identification card using PC external sensor
  • when using as internet/intranet applications login performed by login dialog
  • requires product AneT-Time for proper functionality


ANeT-Gate is designed for reception desks, entrance halls of industrial complexes and suchlike. System can work with both ID cards and classic visiting cards.

  • registering/administration of visits
  • continuous monitoring of employees‘ passage
  • registering vehicles arrivals and departures
  • print of visiting cards and permits
  • updates about state of presence of visited persons
  • displaying of webcam pictures