ANeT_Menu_100x100Catering system has a modular structure and allows changing configuration and system settings of the existing install. In this manner, we can, for example, change the number of check out counters, change the number of ordering and serving points, switch ordering system for non-ordering type or change the number of storehouses and production centers.

Ordering of meals

For ordering meals for the next day or several days ahead the diners can use ordering terminal with touch screen. It is possible to set up to seven different serving points. The screen layout and colour settings are easy to change. Diner can change or cancel existing orders up until the set term of orders. It is also possible to use so called meal exchange, which enables diners to offer for sale already ordered meal to other diners even after the set term of orders.


Online system management

Canteens with imported meals can extend the existing system for modules enabling realisation of functions via internet/intranet. In this manner, it is possible to remotely operate more serving points from the headquarters of catering company. This specifically concerns modules Menu and Cyclic Menu, diners registration, operations available online (Overviews, Sales, Terms), collective ordering.


Serving of meals

Meals are served using serving terminal, which after loading of ID card of a diner displays the name of specific meal, which is ready to be served. The terminal is designed for the fastest operation possible. On single serving terminal is possible to serve several different meals. Serving operator usually confirms the selection of the meal with specific button or pedal. It is also possible to set up the time lag among individual diners. In that case the confirmation of meals is not necessary.


Canteen sale, check out counters

It is possible to connect the ordering system with check out counters designated for sale of unordered meals and canteen goods. Check out counters can be configured with various additions (bill printers, cash drawers, various types of customer displays, cashier keyboards, touch screens, ON-LINE electronic scales, bar code scanners etc.). The payments on check out counters can be both cash and cashless with use of ID cards of diners or various types of meal tickets and vouchers.