Dear Customer,

Thank you for using the services of ANeT-Advanced Network Technology, s.r.o., IN: 47916923, with
its registered office at Královopolská 3952/139, 612 00 Brno (hereinafter referred to as
"Administrator"). Since the Administrator wishes to process your personal data for non-statutory
purposes that do not result from any agreement with your company or with you and which are not
necessary to protect the legitimate interests of the Administrator, the Administrator requests
consent to the processing of your personal data. Granting consent is purely voluntary. There are no
negative consequences for you for not granting it and nothing changes for you in relation to the
Administrator. The Administrator will only be unable to use your personal data for the purposes
specified in this form for which you will not give your consent.
The Administrator wishes to use your personal data for the following purposes for which your
consent to the processing of personal data is necessary:

  • for sending invitations to events organized by the Administrator for their customers (e.g. customer
    meetings …)
  • for the purposes of organizing the aforementioned events for customers (for example name lists,
    starting lists, attendance lists …)
  • for making photo documentation of the aforementioned events, i.e. photographs that you can be
    captured on as part of your participation in an event organized by the Administrator and for the use
    of this photo documentation for marketing purposes of the Administrator
  •  for commercial communications about a new range of products offered by the Administrator
  • for sending greeting cards for name days, birthdays, Christmas

If you wish to grant consent, please tick the appropriate checkbox in the form from which you
opened this document. By doing so, you grant consent to ANeT-Advanced Network Technology, s.r.o.
for the processing of personal data for the purposes outlined above. Then, in the context of these
purposes, the Administrator is authorized to contact you via mail, telephone and email.

You can revoke your consent at any time by email at